Tuition Pricing

1 Class // $60 a Month
2 Classes // $110 a Month
3 Classes // $150 a Month
Unlimited Classes // $200 a Month

Tuition Policies

There is a NONREFUNDABLE annual enrollment fee of $30.00. This is payable at the time of enrollment. At the time of registration, students are considered enrolled for the entire year (September – June). If you wish to discontinue your class, please notify the office in writing before the first of the month. You will be charged your regular tuition plus late fees until we are notified.
 Family discount: Additional family members’ first hour will be $55 instead of $60
 All pricing is per immediate family only (same household)
 Monthly tuition is based on an AVERAGE of 4 lessons per month
 Private lessons are also available.


 All dance tuition is due on the 1st of each month. After a 7-day grace period, tuition is considered past-due. A $15 late fee is automatically charged to your account on the 8th. In case of absence, you are responsible for mailing or bringing your tuition to the studio before it is past due, unless you have made previous arrangements with our office. Tuition is the same each month and does not change due to holidays. Monthly tuition is an average of 4 lessons per month.
 Tuition will NOT be refunded, credited, or prorated in the case of absence(s). NO EXCEPTIONS.

 Please notify the studio office of any changes of address, home or work phone numbers. If paying in cash, please pay with the exact amount. There will be a $35.00 service charge for any returned check. Checks must be picked up
at the studio office with repayment in cash or money order with the $35 service charge included.